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  • December 19, 2018

A National Safety Council (NSC) survey released October 1 found that 69 percent of workers in safety-critical roles are tired at work, leading to a higher risk of injuries and incidents in the workplace. The report, Fatigue in Safety-Critical Industries: Impact, Risks, and Recommendations, found a majority of workers to be fatigued while working in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities sectors. The survey, which compiled results after polling employees and employers, found a gap between the two groups regarding how they view the risks and consequences of being tired while on the job. Ninety percent of employers see the impact of fatigue affecting their organizations, finding employees’ fatigue to create a higher risk of safety incidents and loss of productivity. Only 72 percent of workers felt that being tired was a safety concern. NSC, Itasca, IL, is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate preventable deaths at work, in homes, and communities through leadership, research, education, and advocacy.

According to the NSC, loss of sleep costs $410 billion annually, which is why the organization created the Fatigue Cost Calculator to help employers determine how much a tired workforce is impacting a company’s earning potential. The organization also created a Fatigue Toolkit to assist employers in educating their employees about the causes and consequences of fatigue at work and behind the wheel. To learn more, go to https://bit.ly/2ITlBGw.