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  • May 16, 2019

Elcan Industries Inc., Tuckahoe, NY, has developed a new program to help customers with additive manufacturing (AM) metal powder recycling. The company will guide other companies new to the metal handling and sieving process required to recycle or reuse metal powder. The company will also offer tolling services to those not ready to invest in recycling equipment. The company’s proprietary Hi-Sifter technology in its new lab will be used to help recycle the metal powders efficiently and safely. The lab includes a sieving station with the sole purpose of recycling additive manufacturing powders. The service is suitable for even for large amounts of powders (except magnesium), down to sieve sizes of 15 micrometers. Particle size analysis can be performed on the resulting powder product to ensure the appropriate particle size has been collected during the sieving process. Elcan supplies sieving machines and screeners along with toll manufacturing for screening, grinding and classifying, mixing and blending, packaging and repackaging, magnetic separation, and delumping.