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September 22, 2017

URBANA, IN — Kalenborn Abresist Corp. has named Craig Frendewey as the company’s president with full responsibility for North American operations, which includes Kalenborn Abresist, Kalenborn Canada, and Kalenborn Technologies. He joined the company in 2013 as sales manager and was later named senior vice president of sales and marketing and then senior vice president in 2016. He’s a Northern Michigan University graduate and has more than 30 years’ experience in industrial distribution and specialty contracting within the power generation, mining, pulp and paper, and oil and gas markets. The company, Urbana, IN, designs and supplies mineral and metal wear solutions for various industries.

September 21, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has reported that the US specialty chemicals market ended the second quarter of 2017 on a strong note. The Specialty Chemicals Market Volume Index report shows that market volumes increased from a 0.3 percent gain in May to a 0.5 percent gain in June. According to the index, the market has been trending generally upward up since last May. Data changes are reported on a 3-month moving average (3MMA) basis. The index monitors 28 specialty chemical segments and 18 of those expanded in June, 8 declined, and 2 were stable. The largest volume gains for June were in the mining chemicals and oilfield chemicals segments, which grew 1 percent or more.

Overall, the specialty chemicals volume index showed 4.9 percent growth on a year-over-year 3MMA basis, according to the report. Market volume was 7.56 billion pounds. The market was negatively impacted by the oil and gas sector weakness, which affected headline volumes. This, along with other weak segments, created a negative year earlier comparison from second quarter 2015 through second quarter 2016. However, the oil and gas sector has recovered and the market is showing strong headline volumes. For more info, visit www.americanchemistry.com.

September 20, 2017

ESSEN, Germany — Specialty chemical company Evonik has announced it will maintain its presence in the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company finalized the acquisition of Air Products’ performance materials division in January 2017 and has since announced that it will combine its chemistry and epoxy curing agent businesses into one that will be based in the Lehigh Valley. The move is significant because Evonik’s businesses are primarily headquartered in Germany.

Min Chong, Air Products’ former vice president, will lead the new segment, which will operate in Trexlertown, PA, within Air Products’ headquarters. Primary end-users for the segment’s products are in the civil engineering and industrial applications fields. Evonik may possibly move into a new facility in the area but is currently in a 2-year lease. Evonik, Essen, Germany, employs more than 35,000 people.

September 19, 2017

CAMBRIA, WI — A corn mill explosion in Cambria claimed the lives of five workers in late May. The corn mill is part of Didion Milling, a family-owned business that processes corn for food and operates an ethanol plant across from the mill. Along with the five workers killed, there were several injuries to other workers. At the time of the explosion, more than 37 agencies responded. As part of the investigation, the Chemical Safety Board and OSHA have been compiling interviews and reviewing data, and investigators have 6 months to complete the investigation process.

Didion Mill workers from the Cambria location have either returned to the explosion site to help clean-up efforts or have been reassigned to other Didion locations in Wisconsin. The mill owners have decided to demolish the facility and plan to rebuild on the site.

September 18, 2017

NEW HAMPTON, NY — Balchem Corp., New Hampton, has acquired Innovative Food Processors Inc. (IFP), a privately held agglomerated and microencapsulated food and nutrition ingredient manufacturer based in Faribault, MN. Balchem plans to integrate IFP into its Human Nutrition and Health business segment, which delivers customized food and beverage ingredient systems by powders, solids, and other methods. Through the acquisition, Balchem hopes to expand processing technology and market reach for its food, beverage, and nutrition customers.

September 15, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has announced that Veronica Rovelli has been promoted to senior director of meetings and events. The organization also announced that Constance Samuels will be its new manager of meetings and events. Rovelli has been with AFIA since 2008 and is responsible for the planning and implementation of all AFIA meetings, webinars, and the International Feed Expo held annually in Atlanta, GA. Samuels will work with Rovelli and will be in charge of planning and executing events, partner educational programs, committee meetings, board meetings, and webcasts. AFIA, Arlington, VA, represents the business, legislative, and regulatory interests of the US animal feed industry and its suppliers.

September 14, 2017

HANOVER, MA — Sturtevant Inc. has appointed Chris Meadows as its vice president of sales and marketing. In this position, Meadows will be responsible for the overall activities of the company’s sales and marketing and their respective departments, including managing and supporting the company’s sales representative organization. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry working for various industrial equipment manufacturers. He holds a BS in marketing from the University of Alabama. Sturtevant, Hanover, MA, manufactures material processing equipment including milling, classifying, and separation equipment.

September 13, 2017

DUISBURG, Germany — Brabender Technologie is marking its 60-year anniversary in 2017. The company, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, was founded in 1957 to serve its parent company, and, in the interim, the company has established itself as an international manufacturer of weighing, feeding, discharging, controlling, and flow metering equipment and systems for the bulk materials handling market. The company recently finished its new headquarters in Duisburg, which features a large-scale technical center. The company also has an office in Mississauga, ON, which serves North America.

September 13, 2017

Kansas City, KS — Earlier this year, Magnum Systems introduced a new corporate logo and the company will be exhibiting its pneumatic conveying expertise and its packaging equipment at Pack Expo. As part of the company’s rebranding, it has also combined the formerly separate websites for its Taylor Products (packaging equipment) and Smoot (airlocks and pneumatic conveying) into one main site under the Magnum brand, www.magnumsystems.com. The redesigned site focuses on the company’s products and services instead of on individual product line brand names.

An even more integrated website will be launched this month, and will include website navigation and overall user experience improvements. The website launch will take place September 25, 2017, coinciding with the beginning of Pack Expo Las Vegas, which is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 25-27. Magnum Systems will have a booth at the event, #1458, and will be hosting three different seminars covering materials handling issues, picking the right packaging equipment, and packaging automation. More information and registration for the seminars is available here.

September 12, 2017

ROTHSCHILD, WI — Imperial Industries Inc. has finished its 70,000-square-foot facility expansion at its manufacturing facility in Rothschild, WI, for the company’s bulk storage division, bringing the total facility footprint to 200,000 square feet. The expansion will allow for a dedicated manufacturing space for stainless steel products and deploys new technology and processes to better serve customers. Imperial Industries manufactures industrial bulk storage solutions.

September 11, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has announced that it will be relocating to a new suite. The organization’s new address is: 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 810, Arlington, VA 22201. The organization’s phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. AFIA represents the business, legislative, and regulatory interests of the US animal feed industry and its suppliers.

September 8, 2017

NAPLES, FL — The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) has announced the release of Best Practices in Design for Bucket Elevators. The publication was created in response to the organization’s mission to provide the industry with best practices in the design, application, and safe operation of conveying equipment. The CEMA Bucket Elevator Committee was given the task to create an up-to-date design guide for bucket elevators. The committee drew on the accumulated experience of many individuals and companies to compile the information. The publication features more than 160 pages and covers topics including bucket elevator selection, buckets, and safety information. The book is available in hard copy and as a digital PDF. CEMA, Naples, FL, represents conveyor equipment manufacturers and designers.

September 7, 2017

ASHLAND, VA — Anton Paar, Ashland, has agreed to purchase the particle size analyzer (PSA) line of instruments from CILAS, Orleans, France. CILAS specializes in instruments for nanoparticle and microparticle measurement. Anton Paar will integrate the new PSA product line into its existing Particle Characterization business portfolio. The new instruments will extend the available particle size measuring range and add image technology analysis to Anton Paar’s capabilities, which already include particle size measurement instruments using dynamic light scattering.

September 6, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — The Chemical Safety Board (CSB), led by Vanessa A. Sutherland, has been allocated a proposed $11 million from the House Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2018, matching the agency’s 2017 budget. The CSB had been left out of the 2018 budget proposed by the White House, which sought to eliminate the budgets of 19 federal agencies. The CSB is an independent agency tasked with investigating chemical industry accidents and making safety recommendations based on its findings.

Since the budget’s initial proposal, a bipartisan majority of New Jersey’s congressional delegation reached out to Rodney Felinghuysen, a fellow member from New Jersey who serves as chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and his Democratic counterpart to secure funding for the CSB. The CSB allocation still needs to make its way through the full House Appropriations Committee, the Senate Appropriations Committee, both chambers of Congress, and into the final appropriations bill. In a press release, Felinghuysen stated: “This legislation responsibly supports the agencies and offices we rely on to preserve our natural resources for future generations and prioritizes our limited funding to programs that protect environmental safety.”

September 6, 2017

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — The non-governmental organization ChemSec has announced the creation of a website called the ChemSec Marketplace to help companies seeking alternatives to hazardous chemicals find suitable, safer alternatives. ChemSec is working with chemical producers, including Clariant, Chemours, and Valspar to increase the visibility of safer chemicals.

Anne-Sofie Andersson, executive director at ChemSec, has said that though there are many ways to identify problematic chemicals in the supply chain, there were few ways to find potential alternative chemicals to replace the unwanted ones. The ChemSec Marketplace (https://marketplace.chemsec.org) will feature global regulatory news, real-life events, step-by-step guides to chemical substitution, and information about safer alternatives. The organization welcomes any stakeholders in the chemicals industry to visit the website and to contribute to the site’s success.

ChemSec — the International Chemical Secretariat is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working toward a toxic-free environment.

September 5, 2017

ZURICH, Switzerland — Researchers working at ETH Zurich, a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics university in Zurich have begun experimenting with 4-D printing, which creates movable and shape-variable objects such as flat components that can be folded into three-dimensional objects at a later time or even objects that can change their shape as a function of external influences.

Kristina Shea, head of the University’s Engineering Design and Computing Lab, and her team have taken the new 4-D printing approach one step further by developing a construction principle that allows them to control the deformation. “The flat structures we reproduce cannot change their configuration randomly, but rather exactly in the way we designed them,” says Tian Chen, a doctoral student in Shea’s group. The created structures can also support weight. The scientists were able to print the structures on a multimaterial 3-D printer in a single step, combining a rigid polymer and an elastic polymer. The scientists also hope that the new printing method will allow the construction of ventilation systems, systems for opening and closing valves, or medical applications, such as stents.

September 1, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Bakers Association (ABA) has announced that Kathy Kinter Phelps will be leaving her post at the organization. Phelps has served the baking industry on the Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association (B&CMA) professional staff and recently helped with the ABA and B&CMA merger. According to Dave Van Laar, senior advisor to the president and CEO: B&CMA Transition & Development, “Kathy has been the mainstay of cookie and cracker education for many years. She developed the Correspondence Course and came to know and support students through their training. Her knowledge and personal touch built the programs into the industry standard.” The ABA, Washington, DC, is a trade association for the baking industry and recently merged with the B&CMA to better serve each organization’s members.

August 31, 2017

PITTSBURG, KS — Progressive Products Inc., a manufacturer of abrasion-resistant elbows for pneumatic conveying equipment, valves, and lump breakers, is planning to invest $1 million in a 31,000-square-foot expansion at its manufacturing facility in Pittsburg, KS.

August 30, 2017

SUMMIT, NJ — Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems will offer an educational powder technology symposium on Wednesday, October 4, at its Summit, NJ, office. The event will include presentations from experts on various relevant topics, including:

  • Leveraging Particle and Nano Bio Technologies for Product and Process Innovations
  • Size Reduction Technologies for Efficient Powder Processing Systems
  • Laboratory & Process Equipment Exhibition
  • Particle Shape Analysis Sometimes It’s Very Important
  • Particle Technology for Dry Powder Inhalers

The symposium will have specialists from industry and academia presenting and registration is free. More information is available at www.hosokawasymposium.com. Hosokawa provides equipment and systems for ultrafine size reduction, classification and separation, mixing and blending, drying, compaction and granulation, containment and isolation, and particle analysis.

August 29, 2017

FLORENCE, KY — Sweco, a business unit of M-I LLC, is celebrating 100 years in 2017. Founded in 1917 as the Southwestern Engineering Co., the company has grown from a small ore milling and mining equipment operation to a separation technology company with nine manufacturing facilities and more than 100 service offices globally. The company patented its first vibratory separator in 1942 and now offers a full line of separation, sizing, and milling equipment along with aftermarket parts and screens.

August 28, 2017

NEW CANAAN, CT — Unimin Corp., a North American material solutions company and proppants producer headquartered in New Canaan has announced it will be developing a sand plant in western Texas. The company states that the planned facility will be able to produce up to 5 million tons of regional sand annually for the oil and gas industry. The facility’s location will allow the sand producer to supply the Permian Basin. The company expects the plant to be operational in early 2018 and has received customer commitments to support the investment in the region.

August 25, 2017

PORT ARTHUR, TX — A wood pellet silo collapsed on June 4 after a fire smoldered in the structure for 52 days, according to a statement from the city. Still under investigation, the incident may have been caused by metal fatigue or from a lightning strike that occurred prior to the silo failure, according to local sources. The smoldering pellets had caused smoke throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

After the collapse, another hot spot in an adjoining silo was discovered on June 16. The silos are owned by German Pellets Texas LLC, a company currently in bankruptcy proceedings. As a result of the collapse, the city of Port Arthur has filed suit against the company to force the facility’s owners to comply with city ordinances. In response, the company has said it will continue to work with the city and that its focus is on “extinguishing and removing the pellets from the site” in a safe and effective manner.

August 24, 2017

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — Fritsch GmbH, headquartered in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, has opened its first subsidiary in the US. The company currently has branches in Singapore, Russia, China, and France. The subsidiary will be called Fritsch Milling and Sizing Inc. Located in Research Triangle Park, the facility will include offices and a storage facility along with an applications laboratory with numerous instruments from the company. This will allow customers to conduct tests with the supplier’s available instruments. Fritsch supplies application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle size reduction.

August 23, 2017

CHATHAM, NJ — Investment firm Beaconhouse Capital Management LLC, Chatham, has acquired several plastics materials companies to create Alterra Holdings. The firm acquired Alterra in 2016 and Trellis Earth Products Inc., Wilsonville, OR, which operated a plant in Seymour, IN, and had previously acquired Cereplast Inc. Beaconhouse also is a majority owner of Compounding Engineering Solutions (CES) Inc., Clifton, NJ, which also includes Harmony Elastomers. The latest acquisition for the firm was Metabolix Inc. The companies will now be operated under the name Alterra Holdings, and, according to reports, more acquisitions in the plastics sector are planned.

August 22, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA — The US Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has announced that it has up to $1 million in grants for education and training programs to help identify, avoid, and prevent unsafe working conditions in and around mines. Funding will allow grant recipients to develop education and training programs on safety and health for mine operators and miners, with special emphasis on workers at small mines. MSHA, Arlington, works to prevent death, injury, and illness from mining and promote healthful workplaces for US miners.

August 21, 2017

MALVERN, PA — Saint-Gobain Corp., a building material maker, has appointed Tom Kinisky as president and chief executive officer. Kinisky took over the role earlier this year and will oversee operations in the US and Canada, including CertainTeed Corp., Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, and several related companies producing abrasives, ceramics, and glass. Kinisky holds five patents and is planning to focus on research and development investments, employee training, and talent acquisition in his new role at the company. In addition, he’s been appointed senior vice president for Saint-Gobain and is a member of the company’s global management committee.

August 18, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — ChemStewards, the environmental, health, safety, and security management program for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), has introduced a new Excellence Tier application process for members. The new application allows members to apply for the Excellence Tier on a voluntary basis with a customized process that allows companies to include their own metrics (outside the ChemStewards metrics) to demonstrate continuous improvement. According to J. Holland Jordan, managing director of ChemStewards, “As facilities strive to go above and beyond, this new standard will encourage members to share their success stories of exceptional EH&S efforts.” SOCMA represents small, medium, and large chemical companies.

August 17, 2017

WEVER, IA — Iowa Fertilizer Co. has begun production at its new $3 billion fertilizer plant. The company is owned by OCI NV, which is based in the Netherlands. The fertilizer plant was one of the largest private sector economic development projects in Iowa and is expected to produce from 1.5 to 2 billion tons of nitrogen fertilizer products annually. The plant has 200 full-time employees, and the project employed 3,500 workers during the construction phase.

August 16, 2017

RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP, QC — Premier Tech has announced it will invest $7 million to expand one of its six plants located in Rivière-du-Loup. The expansion will support the company’s steady growth and demand for its automated packaging systems manufactured for export mainly to the Americas. The company also cites multiple acquisitions over the past few years in this sector as impetus for the need for greater manufacturing capacity.

Premier Tech began construction in March to add 25,000 square feet to one of the two Industrial Equipment Group plants in Rivière-du-Loup. The expanded facility will include an area dedicated to final assembly and start-up of the automated packaging systems and an isolated area for stainless steel work. The company expects to add 30 new workers over the next 3 years. The expansion announcement follows an earlier announcement in late 2016 to expand the campus’s road network and construct a three-story building, a $15 million investment. Premier Tech manufactures industrial equipment for rigid and flexible packaging, material handling, and palletizing.

August 15, 2017

NAPLES, FL — The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) has reported that March 2017 booked orders increased 8.2 percent compared to March 2016 orders. In comparison with February 2017 booked orders, March orders were up 26.4 percent. March’s orders categorized by equipment type were up 19.7 percent for bulk handling equipment and up 30.5 percent for unit handling equipment compared to February. The association also reported that March billed sales (shipments) increased by 16.2 percent compared to March 2016 shipments, while comparing March 2017 to February shipments showed a 28.2 percent increase. March shipments for bulk handling equipment were up 16 percent and for unit handling equipment were up 31.4 percent compared to February. CEMA, Naples, FL, represents conveyor equipment manufacturers and designers and releases monthly information on conveyor equipment orders and sales.

August 14, 2017

DALLAS, TX — The global pharmaceutical market is projected to reach a value of $8.1 billion in 2021, growing at a 6.1 percent compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2021, according to Pharmaceutical Excipients Market by Type (Organic Chemical (Sugar, Petrochemical, Glycerin), Inorganic Chemical), Functionality (Filler, Binder, Lubricant, Preservative), Formulation (Oral, Topical, Coating, Parenteral) — Global Forecast to 2021 by MarketsandMarkets, a market research company. The market growth is expected to stem from demand for new drug delivery systems, greater understanding of the functional benefits of excipients, pharmaceutical industry growth, and patent expirations for several major drugs.

Currently, excipients are being used to create controlled dosage forms of existing drugs and some companies are using functionality excipients in an attempt to extend drug patents, according to the report. Companies are also trying to reduce the size of drug crystals to improve solubility, which can help solve drug toxicity problems, particularly in oncology drugs. Drug companies are also using a nanocarrier for delivering active drugs. In contrast, market growth for excipients is expected to be hampered by the decline in research and development investments and the increasing stringency of regulatory requirements, which has led to a shortage of FDA-approved manufacturing sites. In the US and Europe, regulators have increased scrutiny on excipients, which is also restraining market growth. For more info and to purchase a copy of the report for $5,650, visit www.marketsandmarkets.com.

August 11, 2017

SEATTLE, WA — Metso Corp., has added PacWest Machinery to its distribution network in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Seattle, WA, PacWest will offer Metso crushing and screening equipment to all customer segments in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and northeastern Oregon. In addition, PacWest will offer Metso’s equipment to contractor and recycle customers in western Oregon and western Washington. Miller Machinery will continue serving quarry customers in the same western areas. Metso, Helsinki, Finland, is an industrial company serving the mining, aggregates, recycling, process, pulp and paper, and oil and gas industries.

August 10, 2017

ATLANTA, GA — In early May, the Fire Retardant Additives business unit of the Huber Engineered Materials division of J.M. Huber Corp. announced a 20 percent capacity increase at its manufacturing plant in Bauxite, AR. The increase supports production of the company’s fine precipitated Martinal LEO alumina trihydrate products as well as growth of other product lines at the facility. The Martinal products were acquired by Huber in 2016, and will now be available locally in the US. Previously, the material was produced in Bergheim, Germany. Huber Engineered Materials, Atlanta, GA, is a global business focused on engineered specialty ingredients that enhance performance, appeal, and processing of a broad range of products.

August 9, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — Investment in equipment and software is expected to grow 2.8 percent in 2017, according to the second quarter update to the 2017 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook released by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. The report highlights key trends in equipment investment and gives context to the data within the broader US economy. The foundation lowered its 2017 forecast to 2.8 percent, down from 3 percent. The report covers a broad range of equipment investment categories, including the material handling equipment industry, which the report predicts will grow at a slow but stable pace. Overall, the report predicts that industrial equipment investment growth should improve. For more info and to download the report, visit www.leasefoundation.org/IndRsrcs/EO/.

August 8, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Donaldson Co. Inc., Minneapolis, has acquired filter manufacturer Hy-Pro Corp., Anderson, IN. Tod Carpenter, Donaldson’s CEO, says “Hy-Pro is an excellent addition to Donaldson’s global portfolio of filtration businesses.” Donaldson is a filter and dust collector manufacturer with global operations.

August 7, 2017

HELSINKI, Finland — Metso Corp. has appointed Nico Delvaux as president and chief executive officer (CEO), effective November 2017 at the latest. Delvaux, who is currently with Atlas Copco, will succeed Matti Kähkönen. Delvaux has broad international experience, leadership skills, and a proven track record, according to Mikael Lilius, chairman of Metso’s board of directors. Kähkönen has served as president and CEO of Metso since 2011. He has been with the company for nearly 40 years and will serve as senior advisor to the board until his retirement. Metso, Helsinki, Finland, is a global industrial company serving the mining, aggregates, recycling, oil, gas, pulp, paper, and process industries.

August 4, 2017

BETHEL, CT — The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has named Patrick Farrey as its new chief executive (CEO) officer. Farrey succeeds Willem De Vos, who stepped down in June. Farrey comes to SPE after a 23-year career in the publication and association management sector. He was vice president at Kellen, a trade association management firm, and supported several associations and was executive director for some of them. SPE, which is celebrating its 75-year anniversary this year, was seeking a candidate to restructure the organization. SPE, Bethel, CT, is a technical society for the global plastics industry.

August 3, 2017

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN — General Mills, Golden Valley, MN, has announced that Jeff Harmening will be the company’s new chief executive officer (CEO). Harmening joined the company in 1994 and most recently was president and chief operating officer. According to reports, the company has been struggling and has seen declining year-over-year revenues for seven consecutive quarters through March 2017. Current CEO Kendall Powell will continue to serve as chairman of the board for a transition period until his retirement, which is expected within the next year, according to the company, a global food producer with more than 39,000 employees.

August 1, 2017

LINCOLN, NE — Garner Industries, owner of BinMaster, will expand its Lincoln facility. The company plans to add 40,000 square feet of space to its existing 75,000-square-foot building. The addition will support the company’s growing plastic injection molding business, provide additional warehouse space, and offer room for future growth. BinMaster supplies sensors for measuring bulk solids and liquid materials.

August 1, 2017

OKLAHOMA, OK — The Smico companies, which include Smico Screens, Symons Screens, and A&J Mixing Co., have hired Fergus Keane as vice president of sales and marketing. Keane will work with clients and staff to facilitate the company’s growth opportunities. He has 20 years of industry experience, including 7 years with Prater Industries and the previous 13 years in the plastic and bulk powder industries. Smico Screens and Symons Screens supply screening technology and A&J Mixing provides mixing equipment and services. The companies are headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

July 31, 2017

NEW YORK CITY, NY — The 2017 Chem Show — The Event for Processing Technology, will take place from October 31-November 2 at the Javits Center in New York, NY. The biennial show is focused specifically on powder, fluid, and gas processing within the chemical process industries. The event is organized by International Exposition Company Inc., which projects that the show will attract more than 5,000 attendees and 300 exhibiting companies that will occupy more than 30,000 square feet of exhibit space.

In addition to the exhibit hall, the show will feature more than 30 no-cost seminars on topics including various process applications that affect product line performance and efficiency, best practices, and others. The show caters to engineers, plant managers and other chemical process industry professionals and is endorsed by several industry organizations, including the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), the Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (ACC&CE), and the Measurement, Control & Automation Assocation (MCAA). For more info, visit www.chemshow.com.

July 28, 2017

DUBLIN, Ireland — The global industrial gases market was valued at $47,200 million in 2015 and is expected to grow at a 6.2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2022, according to the report Global Industrial Gases Market Size, Share, Development, Growth, and Demand Forecast to 2022 by P&S Market Research and distributed by Research and Markets.

The industrial gases market is experiencing growth because of various factors including high-quality gas solutions for the aerospace industry and significant growth of the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries in developing economies such as China, India, and Brazil. These countries are expected to create market opportunities during the report’s forecast period. Other trends influencing market growth are applications such as cryogenic processes for industrial air separation and increasing use of gaseous mixtures like syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen). The report states that the market will be constrained by the costs associated with producing and purifying industrial gases and the high cost of transporting industrial gases.

The Asia-Pacific region’s market accounted for the larger share, 38.9 percent, in the global industrial gases market in 2015. The region is also expected to have the highest growth with a 6.6 percent CAGR from 2016 to 2022. Market growth in the region is attributed in the report to increasing refinery output, particularly in China and India. For more info and to purchase a copy of the report for $5,100, visit www.researchandmarkets.com.

July 27, 2017

SALINA, KS — Vortex Global Ltd., a solids and bulk material handling components company headquartered in Salina, KS, with a branch in Darlington, UK, has won the Solids Handling and Processing Association (SHAPA) 2017 Solids Handling Industry Company of the Year Award. SHAPA, which is a specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry based in the UK, recognizes companies that have demonstrated achievement, improved sales success, or deployed of industry best practices. Companies can enter the awards if they are UK-registered and in the solids handling and processing industry. Vortex was recognized for its rapid growth in size and sales. The company realized 44 percent growth in 2016, due in part, to expanding its sales portfolio, with loading spouts being the fastest growing portion of that portfolio.

July 26, 2017

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil have been researching the potential for jackfruit seeds to act as a chocolate substitute. Chocolate yield annually is around 3.7 million tons, but demand for the commodity suggests that worldwide demand for chocolate beans will reach 4.5 million tons by 2020. To meet the growing demand, scientists have been investigating potential alternative sources that can mimic chocolate’s distinct aroma and flavor. One potential possibility is the jackfruit, which grows in South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The seeds can be boiled, steamed, and roasted before eating, providing fiber, protein, and minerals at a low cost. In Brazil, jackfruit seeds are considered a waste product, but scientists wanted to determine if any of the fruit’s compounds could product chocolate aromas.

Researchers Fernanda Papa Spada, Jane K. Parker, Solange Guidolin, Canniatti Brazaca, and colleagues made 27 jackfruit seed flours by acidifying or fermenting the seeds prior to drying. They roasted the flours for various times and temperatures using processes that are usually used to enhance the chocolate flavor in cocoa beans. Volunteers were then asked to smell the jackfruit seed flours and describe the aromas. The fermented flours were found to have more positive attributes, such as caramel, hazelnut, or fruity aromas. The researchers have concluded that jackfruit seeds are capable of producing chocolate aromas and are a potential replacement for the aroma of cocoa powder or chocolate.

The study “Optimization of Postharvest Conditions to Produce Chocolate Aroma from Jackfruit Seeds,” was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study authors also acknowledge funding from the National Council of Technological and Scientific and Research Foundation.

July 25, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA — The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) has announced that David Doles, senior vice president, Lonza, has been elected chairman of the association’s board of governors. Doles has served in various roles as part of the SOCMA board of governors and executive committee. With Doles taking on his new role, several members are moving up in the ranks to serve in new leadership roles. The officer lineup is now: first vice chair, Gene Williams, Optima Chemical Group LLC; second vice chair and treasurer, Michael Ott, Polysciences Inc.; secretary, Kate Donahue, Hampford Research Inc.; immediate past chair, J. Steel Hutchinson, GFS Chemicals Inc.; and member-at-large, John Foley, KMCO LLC. SOCMA, Arlington, VA, represents small, medium, and large chemical companies.