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Powder and Bulk Engineering is pleased to offer a twice-monthly e-mail newsletter to PBE subscribers. Each issue of PBE-News is complete with news, information, and expert advice. Here’s what you’ll find in each issue:

  • Ask an Expert. Have your questions answered by an expert in the field. Send a question about a problem or issue you’re having with your dry bulk solids processing or handling, or concerns about a new process or equipment you’re considering. We’ll forward your question to an expert and will print the answer in an upcoming issue.
  • More Q&A. Another opportunity to hear from experts in the field. This educational segment allows readers to submit a question where a supplier responds with concise, practical advice.
  • Feature. A short, practical article providing useful information on a typical powder and bulk solids concern.
  • Read It Here First. A preview of an article that will be published in the next issue of Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine. This segment offers you the opportunity to read it now instead of waiting until you receive your issue in the mail.
  • Industry News, Events, Continuing Education. Current news about standards, reports, resources, webinars, conferences, events, and more!

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