PBE’s webinar schedule for 2021 has been finalized. Scheduled presentations include:

February 9. Jack Osborn of Airdusco will present “Essentials for selecting the proper air–material separator for your dust collector.”

April 13. Jack D. Hilbert and Colin Barbeau of Hatch will present “Don’t let pneumatic conveying system bottlenecking derail your process.”

June 15. Vahid Ebadat of Stonehouse Process Safety will present “Electrostatic spark control in powder facilities: Is bonding and grounding enough?”

August 10. Jack Osborn will present “Dust collection hood design for engineers and non-engineers.”

October 12. Jack Hilbert and Colin Barbeau will present “Troubleshooting pneumatic conveying system problems.”

November 9. Eric Maynard of Jenike & Johanson will present “Preventing dust explosions in your dust collector — the basics.”

All presentations are on Tuesdays and will run from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET. For additional information or to register, go to www.powderbulk.com.