Agilyx Corp., Tigard, OR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilyx AS, and Braskem, Philadephia, PA, are planning a feasibility study to explore the development and construction of an advanced plastics recycling project in North America. The project would combine Agilyx’s expertise in advanced recycling of post-use plastics and Braskem’s knowledge as a polyolefins and biopolymers producer in the Americas.

The project will explore finding an efficient pathway to produce polypropylene using difficult-to-recycle mixed-waste plastic. The process would use advanced recycling technology from Agilyx with the mixed-waste plastics feedstock coming from Cyclyx International, Agilyx’s feedstock management company. The goal is to implement a circular polypropylene process to serve the food packaging, consumer, and hygiene product industries. Braskem’s role in the project is that the company is seeking to evolve its feedstock portfolio to leverage more sustainable feedstock sources and plans to invest directly in new methods to help accelerate a transition to a more circular and sustainable plastics industry.