Carolina Poly, located in Chester, SC, which produces trash bags, sheeting, silage bags, and shrink films, suffered a fire that started with stored plastics, rubber, and wood on August 24, 2020. The fire lasted nearly 25 hours and occurred between a nearby forest and Carolina Poly buildings. No employees were hurt, but five firefighters were hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained during the fire. About a dozen area fire crews helped to fight the fire, and local residents were advised to stay indoors and away from the smoke by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. The fire’s cause is under investigation. Carolina Poly’s parent company Poly-America Inc. also experienced a massive fire only 6 days earlier on August 18 in Grand Prairie, TX. The company produces products similar to those produced at the South Carolina plant. The blaze continued for 23 hours and was fought by at least seven area fire crews. The fire was expected to smolder for days after the incident. In response to the two incidents, ATF offices in both Chester and Grand Prairie have been working together to find the source of the fires.