The Plastics Industry Association (also called Plastics) and LyondellBasell NV have announced a collaboration that used the equivalent of 71,000 plastic retail bags to pave 2,885 square yards of the LyondellBasell Cincinnati Technology Center parking lot in Ohio using recycled polyethylene (rPE).

The installation is the first of the New End Market Opportunities for Film Asphalt Project. The method added more than 4,000 pounds of rPE into hot asphalt. In June 2020, Plastics announced that it had completed research on a new asphalt binder using what’s called the “dry process,” where rPE is incorporated as a solid additive during the asphalt mixture manufacturing process. This version and other polymer-additive asphalt mixtures have improved performance, increased lifespan, and decreased cost.

LyondellBasell partnered with Colas Solutions, the National Center for Asphalt Technology, and Barrett Paving Materials Inc. to complete the paving project. LyondellBasell is a plastics, chemical, and refining company headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Plastics, Washington, DC, supports the entire plastics supply chain to make the industry more globally competitive while advancing recycling and sustainability.