The Triott Group, Moerkapelle, the Netherlands, has announced that it is integrating two of its brands. As of April 1, Ottevanger Milling Engineers BV and Wynveen International will be fully integrated and will operate under Ottevanger Milling Engineers. The merger will allow the Triott Group to offer a comprehensive and versatile range of services and products while increasing the levels of knowledge sharing, innovation, and service offered to customers. The brands have already worked cooperatively for many years. The site in Heteren, the Netherlands, will remain operational with all employees working for Ottevanger.

Ottevanger, Moerkapelle, was founded in 1909 and is an international organization specializing in the grain processing and compound feed industry. The organization designs, manufactures, and manages the construction of complete, turnkey production facilities or individual lines for processing, such as feed mills, premix and concentrate plants, aqua feed and pet food installations, cereal processing lines, and biomass installations.

Triott Group owns Ottevanger and other companies focused on the feed and food industries with specialties in complete turnkey installations, process automation projects, and high-performance equipment. (6/21)