Orbis Corp., Oconomowoc, WI, a reusable packaging manufacturer, has had its Odyssey rackable pallet selected as a finalist for Plant Engineering magazine’s Product of the Year award. The pallet is reusable, supports heavy loads, and offers stability with features that include optional steel reinforcements and molded-in frictional elements. The pallet is suitable for various applications and markets, including food processing, cold storage, dry goods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, and others. The product is under the “Material Handling Systems” category, which is one of 12 categories of products that are being considered for an award in 2020.

Finalists for the annual Product of the Year award are new products in the manufacturing and warehousing and distribution industries. Voting for this product and others is open to the magazine’s subscribers. Winners will be announced at the annual dinner held by the publication in April 2021.