Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) acquired CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co. KG and carboNXT GmbH on July 30, 2020. CFK, based in Wischhafen, Germany, offers a network to collect carbon fiber waste products. CFK has advanced proprietary technology that breaks down carbon fiber waste and converts this material into usable forms of carbon fiber. The company carboNXT, also based in Wischhafen, then sells the recycled products from CFK back into the market, closing the circular loop.

Mitsubishi made these strategic acquisitions as part of its circular economy approach to business called Kaiteki. Kaiteki is an original concept by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG) to pro-mote sustainable development of society and the planet while solving environmental and social issues. The acquisitions follow MCAM’s purchase of c-m-p GmbH, a carbon fiber prepreg manufacturer, and the Minger Group, an engineering plastics recycling company.

Another company in MCHG, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. (MCC), has already successfully used the circular economy approach in its carbon ber recycling operations in Japan, where it recycles the material through its subsidiary, Shinryo Corp.

MCAM is a global, vertically integrated leader for researching, developing, and manufacturing high-performance materials head-quartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company has 30 offices in 20 countries and a team of technical service experts, engineers, and application development managers.