Material Transfer & Storage Inc. (MTS), a custom designer and manufacturer of bulk material filling, conditioning, and discharging systems based in Allegan, MI, is using its expertise to provide customized discharging systems for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The company’s discharging system for dry ice applications offers vaccine distributors the ability to maintain the vaccines at the required temperature.

To create the discharging system for vaccine distribution, the company had to reduce the dry ice to a pellet-sized consistency, meter the dry ice evenly to protect each vaccine vial, monitor the ice that was discharged during packaging, and automate the process.

To answer the urgent call to get vaccines safely distributed, MTS created a customized discharging system within 8 weeks that can meter doses of dry ice into temperature-controlled containers that hold from 1,000 to 5,000 doses. The discharging system includes an insulated surge hopper, a customized crusher, an electromagnetic feeder, and a scale system that monitors the weight of the dry ice being dosed. A touch-screen control interface monitors the size, amount, and consistency of the dry ice and can provide diagnostic reports to the vaccine manufacturer.

“We’re humbled to play a role in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to millions of Americans. With lives on the line, the Material Transfer team worked tirelessly to design and build these discharging systems in record time,” says Scott Nyhof, president.

To see the discharging system, go to 4-21