Marion Process Solutions, an industrial mixing and blending equipment manufacturer and supplier based in Marion, IA, and ABM Equipment, Vancouver, WA, have created a patent-pending processing system using microwave drying and agitation techniques to process terpene extract from cannabis. The new system called the Terp Xtract Master (TXM) Series produces clear extract in a solvent-free environment. Additionally, early indications show that the new process yields a terpene prole that closely matches the original plant prole.

“By building a solution around our field-proven Marion WaveMix microwave drying and agitation technology that’s optimized specifically for the cannabis industry, we’re finally able to unlock the market potential for this important cannabis/hemp product category,” says Jay Bonefas, Marion’s development lead.

Prior terpene extraction systems used solvents that required post-processing removal steps, but this new technology uses microwave drying to vaporize water inside the plant material and acts as the vehicle for terpene removal. The resulting terpenes then enter a condenser “cold trap” unit integrated into the system. Hemp sample testing yielded certificates of analysis to verify that the process preserves extractable cannabinoids in the plant material after removing the terpenes, increasing the total value of the material. The TXM Series is supported in the field by ABM Equipment, a company with nearly 20 processing equipment solutions and hundreds of active systems.