Marion Process Solutions has released three no-cost, downloadable guides: the Industrial Food Mixing Application GuideIndustrial Mixers: Processing with Precision for Every Application; and the Thermal Processing Handbook. The Industrial Food Mixing Application Guide provides guidance for selecting the best mixer to obtain a homogenous blend and save on operational and maintenance costs. Download the food mixing application guide here.       

The Industrial Mixers: Processing with Precision for Every Application handbook covers the continuous, batch, or continuous process batch mixing considerations for food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, chemical, plastics, biomass, and mineral materials. This guide also covers how to improve sanitary conditions with the right seals, gaskets, and other replaceable parts. Download the industrial mixers handbook here.       

The Thermal Processing Handbook details the differences between indirect and direct heating, the advantages and disadvantages of industrial drying technology types, and more. Download the thermal processing handbook here. The company, Marion, IA, is an industrial mixing and blending equipment manufacturer and supplier. To learn more, click here.