Grain Craft announced in April that it will close its flour mill in Cleveland, OH. The company committed to providing financial assistance and outplacement services for employees affected by the closure, citing “challenging market dynamics and long-term supply chain obstacles,” as the reason for shuttering the mill. Additionally, the company’s president noted that access to and from the mill had become difficult.

The mill had a daily capacity of 8,500 hundredweights (cwts) and primarily ground hard winter and spring wheat. The mill is at a historic site with remnants from an 1856 stone buhr mill. The location was purchased in 1972 by Fred Merrill from International Multifoods Corp. Merrill then founded Cereal Food Processors Inc. (CFP). CFP was then acquired in 2014 by Milner Milling and Pendleton Flour Mills, creating the combined business called Grain Craft. Grain Craft, Chattanooga, TN, operates 13 US our mills with a combined milling capacity of 154,000 cwts.