Eagle Hemp LLC, Tampa, FL, has announced the launch of its 4-t/h hemp milling operation in Lakeland, FL. The company will use the milling operation to mill hemp that it purchases from farmers for use in hemp extraction. The company will also offer hemp milling for farmers for their own sales to other processors, allowing for mobile milling at the farm site. Eagle Hemp spent a year designing a mobile hemp-milling operation. The system is mounted on a 53-foot custom-designed trailer that includes a generator to power the 100-horsepower mill and bagging system. The system allows hemp farmers to contract with Eagle Hemp to bring the mobile mill to the farm site where farmers can grind their hemp to a size suitable for extraction. The resulting ground hemp can be put into bulk bags for bulk storage or secured in smaller bags with a nitrogen flush to preserve the hemp. The mobile system also has moisture-testing capabilities to ensure the hemp is stored properly. The system’s mobility allows farmers to keep control of their hemp crop until it’s sold. Eagle Hemp is a hemp extractor and processor with an FDA-registered facility in Lakeland, FL, with state-of-the-art carbon dioxide extractors and proprietary processing to create cannabinoid oil.