A Pinnacle Renewable Energy-owned pellet plant in Lavington, BC, experienced a dryer fire in the morning on September 29, 2020. Firefighters responded to the fire in one of the facility’s dryers and the pellet plant’s firefighting staff were actioning the blaze, according to a local protective services coordinator. The fire triggered a deluge system inside the dryer, which floods the bottom of the dryer to help extinguish a fire. The fire was quickly put out and firefighters remained on scene to find any hot spots that might remain. The fire is under investigation.

This same plant experienced a fire in May 2020, which was the result of an explosion originating in a dryer. The plant is located next to Tolko Industries, which is part owner of the Pinnacle plant. Tolko’s residual sawdust and wood shavings, along with other wood materials from surrounding sawmills, are sent to Pinnacle, which creates wood pellets used for home heating.