The Swiss town of Olten was unexpectedly dusted with chocolate or “nibs” from a local factory owned by Lindt & Spruengli AG. According to the company’s statement to the Associated Press, a chocolate factory had a slight malfunction in a cooling vent for their chocolate. The issue caused chocolate nibs to y through the air and, because of strong winds, coat some of the town in a dusting of chocolate.

The company offered to clean up any of the chocolate but says that the chocolate nibs aren’t harmful to people or the environment. The company was able to resume production after fixing the vent. Per the town’s Twitter account, the chocolate coating was spotted on a car in the area, but the coating was minimal. Many people on social media found the news to be an uplifting story.

In fact, the Lindt Chocolate UK Twitter account responded to the news by saying, “Whoops! We made it snow chocolate dust around our factory in Switzerland. The vents are fixed now, but we have a few ideas for Christmas.” Lindt & Spruengli, Kilchberg, Switzerland, is a premium chocolate maker with 12 production sites in Europe and the US.