Lanxess, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, has announced the opening of a new, high-tech plastics plant in Changzhou, China. The compounding facility produces Durethan- and Pocan-branded plastics geared toward the automotive sector and the electrical and electronics industry. The plant increases the supply of lightweight materials that are an important trend in various industries. The plant’s […]

Flexco has announced it will expand its operations and move to a new location in Michigan. The company, which provides belt conveyors with solutions for splicing, belt cleaning, belt tracking, spillage, and slippage, will move from Grand Rapids, MI, to 1920 Northridge Drive NW in Walker, MI, in 2021. The new facility will increase the […]

Solvay SA, Brussels, Belgium, an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, has announced plans to increase its soda ash and sodium bicarbonate production capacity by 600 kilotons in the US and 200 kilotons in Bulgaria. The company will invest a combined $202 million over the next 3 years. Solvay’s soda ash production at its trona-based […]

The report Activated Carbon Global Industry, Markets & Outlook by Roskill, a market research company, examines the activated carbon market. Activated carbon production is based largely on coal, coconut shells, and wood charcoal, and raw materials availability can be an issue in terms of increasing activated carbon supplies to meet demand. According to the report, […]

Researchers have been working on finding uses for the lignin component that’s a by-product of paper production. Lignin consists of cross-linked phenolic compounds that give wood its strength. The lignin is removed during paper production to prevent paper from yellowing and to increase the paper’s strength. A huge amount of unwanted lignin is generated during […]

ChemSec has updated its Substitute It Now (SIN) List of more than 900 toxic chemicals that should be avoided in the global supply chain. ChemSec is a chemical specialist organization and is followed by many brands, chemical producers, and manufacturers as well as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the United Nations Environment Programme, and other […]

The global biodegradable plastic market was valued at $2,989.8 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a 14.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027, reaching $10,086.2 million. This is according to the report Biodegradable Plastic Market to 2027 — Global Analysis and Forecasts by Type, […]

The USDA has established a national domestic hemp production program. The program’s Interim Final Rule is effective through November 1, 2021, and provides regulations on testing, sampling, and the production of hemp nationwide. The USDA accepted public comments on the rule through December 30, 2019, and it’s expected that the agency will publish a final […]

Scoular Co. has named its new freeze-dried pet food ingredient manufacturing subsidiary Petsource by Scoular. Petsource will develop, procure, freeze-dry, and package high-protein ingredients for pet food manufacturers. As part of the manufacturer’s plans to be a source for safety, quality, and reliability in the freeze-dried pet food supply chain, the company is constructing a […]

Delta Energy Group LLC, which specializes in recovering carbon black and other chemicals from end-of-life (EOL) tires, has announced a new president and chief executive officer (CEO), Robert “Bob” Genovese. He succeeds Jeff Flannery, who has retired as CEO after leading the company for 4 years. Flannery established the company’s first commercial-scale recovered carbon black […]

Lorenz Conveying Products Corp. (Lorenz), a pneumatic conveying component supplier based in Cobourg, ON, has announced a new Lightning Ship Program and a partnership with Saigh Solutions LLC. Lorenz’s new shipping program will provide same-day shipping on various products and leverages packing, shipping, and tracking systems to ensure orders are received by customers on time […]

US chemical production expanded at a slower pace in 2019 because of trade challenges and slower growth in several end-use markets for chemistry, according to the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC’s) report Year-End 2019 Chemical Industry Situation and Outlook. The report attributes weakness in global manufacturing and uncertainty in trade policy as reasons why US chemical […]

The US EPA has finalized a rule to ease chemical plant safety regulations. Under the Risk Management Plan (RMP) changes finalized in November, chemical plants will no longer be subject to “unnecessary regulatory burdens.” The changes were first proposed in May 2018. According to EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler, “Accident prevention is a top priority of […]