Cabot Corp., a carbon black producer, will invest $90 million in its Ville Platte, LA, plant. The expansion is expected to generate 15 new jobs and will begin operating in 2021. The company accepted an incentive package from the State of Louisiana, including a $1 million performance-based grant to offset infrastructure costs and a $500,000 Modernization Tax Credit. The company is also expected to use other state programs as part of the expansion effort.

The plant was opened in 1943 to support the US war effort. The plant makes carbon black by converting by-product stream from oil re neries into a solid granular form that can ship by rail and bulk trucks throughout North America. According to Bart Kalkstein, senior vice president at the company, “We are proud to announce this investment in a state-of-the-art energy center for our Ville Platte facility, which will allow us to make clean power without generating any additional emissions.”

Cabot, Boston, MA, is a US-based specialty chemicals and performance materials company with operations in 20 countries, 36 manufacturing plants, 8 research and development facilities, and 28 sales offices.