Bühler AG and Premier Tech Systems and Automation (Premier Tech) have announced that they’ve formed a strategic cooperation for industrial flexible packaging solutions. The two companies plan to work together and build a manufacturing center in China by 2020. Bühler will bring its grain and food processing expertise and Premier Tech its packaging expertise to establish the center and develop automated, food-safe, and accurate bagging and palletizing solutions. Both companies will continue to sell their own respective products through existing channels.

The partnership will address the last step in grain processing packaging, which occurs before transporting products like flour to bakeries and other food processors, rice to distributors, or pellets to farms. In many cases, in developing countries, these packaging tasks are completed by hand. Manual packaging is inefficient, costly, and slow and poses a problem in achieving consistent bag weights. The partnership between Bühler and Premier Tech will seek to fill this gap with equipment solutions.

Bühler, based in Uzwil, Switzerland, already has high-quality supply chain management in China. According to André Noreau, president of Premier Tech Systems and Automation, “The strategic cooperation will allow Premier Tech to gain better access to the Chinese market by using cost-effective and modern packaging solutions arising from this partnership or by combining them with Premier Tech’s internationally renowned Chronos technology portfolio (distributed by Premier Tech Chronos) in weighing bagging and palletizing.”

Premier Tech Chronos, Riviére-du-Loup, QC, is part of Premier Tech a company with various focuses, including increasing crop yields, improving manufacturing-facility efficiency, and treating and recycling water. Premier Tech Chronos supplies weighing and feeding, bagging, bag closing and sealing, robotic palletizing, and other packaging related equipment.