Bühler Minneapolis has announced the opening of its new Food Application Center (FAC) based in Plymouth, MN. The unveiling occurred in June during the company’s virtual event, Bühler Go!2020. With the new food center, the company aims to support and drive innovation for its customers, industry partners, and academia.

According to Bühler North America’s CEO Andy Sharpe, the solutions developed through the center will help feed a growing global population of nearly 10 billion people by 2050. The FAC was created to develop methods of transforming peas, beans, oats, grains, maize, and other crops into new food sources such as ours, snacks, pastas, and more. The company says the FAC features the latest in raw material processing and handling systems, capable of taking raw materials through to the nished product that’s ready for packaging, bringing a food source from “farm to fork” or from “bean to burger.”

The FAC will provide educational opportunities for better understanding technology, food processing, food safety, digitalization, and other related topics. The FAC will serve as a training facility for food processing companies wanting to educate their operations and maintenance staff on efcient processing and best practices. To view the recordings from the Bühler Go!2020 virtual event, including the webcast on the FAC, go to tinyurl.com/Buhlervideo.

Bühler Minneapolis, Plymouth, MN, a division of Bühler Group that supplies drying equipment, is the headquarters of the company’s North American operations and includes an apprenticeship academy, a manufacturing workshop, and the administration, engineering, and management ofces.