AZO Inc., AZO GmbH’s US subsidiary is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. The parent company specializes in German-engineered conveying systems, bulk material handling, raw material handling, mixer feeding, screeners, and bulk containers. Founded in 1949, the company began as a business building mills in a former sheep pen in Osterburken, Germany. Adolf Zimmerman and his wife Marianne started the company because Adolf was a hobby inventor who designed machinery for mills and bakeries. His first major breakthrough came when he designed the first centrifugal flour-sifting machine call the “Triumph.”

In 1978, the company established its first subsidiary in Memphis, TN, AZO Inc. That subsidiary was initially headed by Hunt Moore and his son Robert Moore and was a unique arrangement for the time. The company helps customers automate ingredient handling in North America and the company has supplied cyclone screeners to US customers and installed the first computer graphics system in a major North American food manufacturer. The company has also been recognized as a top workplace in Memphis.