Aramco and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) are partnering to create NEx: A Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Building Materials to develop and promote the use of nonmetallic materials in the building and construction sector. The center will be based at ACI headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. ACI is an authority and resource for the development, dissemination, and adoption of consensus-based standards for concrete design, construction, and materials. Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is a state-owned global integrated energy and chemicals company that produces oil and develops new energy technologies.

The center will seek to use the collaborators’ expertise to develop nonmetallic materials for the building and construction sector to improve sustainability, contribute to a lower carbon footprint, and enhance a structure’s durability and longevity. The center aims to expand the scope of the project to incorporate nonmetallics in other construction materials, including composite cladding, asphalt, and soil by partnering with academic institutions, industries, technical societies, standard bodies, manufacturers, and professionals. More information on the center is available at (6-21)