The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has announced that Constance Cullman, AFIA’s president and CEO, and Mallory Gaines, AFIA’s manager of market access and trade policy, have been appointed to serve on the US Department of Agriculture-Foreign Agricultural Service’s Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) and Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) for Trade in Animals and Animal Products, respectively.

Cullman and Gaines join Gina Tumbarello, AFIA’s director of international policy and trade, who has served on the ATAC for Trade in Grains, Feed, Oilseeds, and Planting Seeds since 2014, in providing technical and policy advice and information about US animal food products and the industry to the secretary of agriculture and US Trade Representative (USTR).

Congress established the advisory committee system in 1974 to ensure that US agricultural trade policy objectives reect US public- and private-sector commercial and economic interests. The US Department of Agriculture and the USTR manage the committees. Cullman and Gaines will serve until 2024.

AFIA, Arlington, VA, represents the business, legislative, and regulatory interests of the US animal feed industry and its suppliers.