The American Chemistry Council (ACC) supports fees on packaging and trash disposal to help pay for more recycling. The policy would also encourage the plastics industry to finance recycling more challenging types of plastics, including films, tubes, and pouches. As an industry group that represents companies in the chemistry business, Washington, DC-based ACC has come up with a “Roadmap to Reuse” strategy that promotes a national recycling framework that includes many different moving parts. In terms of costs, the burden for these new recycling efforts would stem from new fees, which could come from manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

The ACC plan resembles other plans from The Recycling Partnership, the Consumer Brands Association, and other stakeholders. The plan from ACC and some other organizations includes using what’s called a mass balanced accounting method, which tracks plastics volumes through a production system. This method would allow companies to take credit for using plastics from both mechanical and chemical recycling processes. Finding a standardized measurement tool allows companies creating plastics products to report their recycled material usage so consumers can see if operations are meeting recyclable content goals and also to make improvements on the process to reach sustainability and circular economy goals. To learn more about the plan created by the ACC, visit https:// the-roadmap-to-reuse.