Our plant’s dust collection system experiences consistent buildup inside the ducts and in other areas. How can we avoid plugging so our system operates smoothly?

Six months ago we bought a centralized vacuum cleaning system (CVCS). The system worked great when it was new, but lately the system has been plugging frequently and doesn’t perform well. Our CVCS is designed for three simultaneous operators with a 2-inch-diameter, 25-foot-long hose for each connection station. What could be wrong?

Our plant has experienced canopy hood issues causing dust collection failure and ongoing filter media plugging. Can you share some examples of dust collector problem solving you’ve done related to these two issues?

We want to improve our hopper design. How can we use angle of slide, angle of repose, and internal angle of friction to improve our hopper?

My facility is a food processing plant, and I know I have a relatively short time to complete my dust hazards analysis (DHA). However, I’m confused and frustrated by the need to have so many NFPA standards to accomplish the required DHA. Can you give me some advice?

What’s an unstable pneumatic conveying zone, and how do we overcome one?

We just completed our DHA and were told our dust collection systems don’t work properly. In fact, the dust collection systems have been deemed a combustible dust hazard because of poor design, especially the hoods. Why is hood design so important?

How can we avoid material flow problems that might result from a poorly designed storage vessel?