• Publication Date: 10/01/2004
  • Organization(s):
    Conforma Clad
  • Article Type: Case Histories
  • Subjects: Abrasion resistance
A producer of extremely abrasive plastic pellets treats vulnerable conveying lines and equipment with
infiltration-brazed tungsten carbide cladding to end wear problems.

When we started our compounding lines a decade ago,” says Ken Bowles, “we were having conveying line blowouts in less than a week. We were spending the equivalent of two operators’ salaries to keep up with repairs.We had to find a solution.”

Bowles is compounding equipment asset coordinator at Solvay Advanced Polymers, Augusta, Ga. Solvay produces high-performance polymers that are used in many demanding applications in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, food service, medical, and electronics industries. One of the company’s products, AMODEL polyphthalamide, a semicrystalline polymer, presents particular problems because of its extremely abrasive nature. Some AMODEL compounds contain a high percentage of glass. The polymer-glass combination provides high strength, stiffness, impact resistance, and heat resistance. These qualities also make the glassfilled 3-millimeter plastic pellets hard on conveying lines and processing and handling equipment.

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