• Publication Date: 10/01/2006
  • Organization(s):
    International Process Equipment Co.
  • Article Type: Case histories
  • Subjects: Abrasion resistance, Size reduction
A dental investment manufacturer installs tungsten carbide tiles on its grinding mill's material contact parts to counteract wear.

Investment casting is a manufacturing process that uses a three-dimensional pattern to produce a destructible mold for molten metal. It’s used to make dental appliances, automotive components, jet engines, aircraft structural parts, machinery components, and much more. GC Europe NV, Leuven, Belgium, manufactures investments, gypsum, and other materials that are used worldwide in the dental industry to create caps, crowns, and other types of dental fillings. The company manufactures the dental investments using cristobalite, a very abrasive, white, sand-like, silica powder. To grind the cristobalite, the company purchased a grinding mill with stainless steel contact parts from a US-based supplier. However, it began experiencing problems when the combination of the abrasive material and high speeds caused wear on the mill’s material contact parts. The wear caused material blockages and liner erosion. The company was happy with the final product produced in the mill, so it contacted the supplier to find a solution to its wear problems without replacing the original machine.

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