• Publication Date: 04/01/2003
  • Organization(s):
    Sterling Systems and Controls American Institute of Baking Prater-Sterling ARRO Corp. General Mills Kraft Foods
  • Article Type: Engineering Solutions
  • Subjects: Size reduction
A toll processor works with a size-reduction equipment and systems supplier to design and install a line to process soy fiber.

ARRO Corp., headquartered in Hodgkins, Ill., operates four toll processing facilities in the Hodgkins and Chicago area. The toll processor contract-manufactures and -packages dry and liquid materials, producing and packaging both food and nonfood products. The toll processor also provides logistics, warehousing, and trucking services for its customers. In spring 2000, a soy fiber producer approached ARRO with the need to fine-grind, blend, and package a high volume of soy fiber. To win this contract, the toll processor worked with a size reduction equipment and systems supplier to design a new processing line to fine-grind, convey, blend, and package the soy fiber to the desired particle size at the required throughput volume.

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