• Publication Date: 06/01/1994
  • Author(s):
    Inui, Kazuyo Ohnish, Hiroshi Donnelly, Peter J.
  • Article Type: Technical Articles
  • Subjects: Size reduction
If your grinding operation is like many others in the dry solids industry, you need to produce high-purity powders with narrow particle size distributions while also controlling your operating costs. These requirements are driving the use of low-wear grinding media and mill components made from high-density ceramic materials. After introducing you to basic ceramic grinding media selection factors, this article focuses on zirconia ceramic media: comparing the performance of various types and selecting one for your application.

The trend toward thinner, smaller, and higher performance electronic components and the exploding market for videocassette tape and similar products have increased the demand for ultrafine, high-purity powders. Such powders include magnetic coating materials, dielectric ceramic powders, piezoelectric ceramic powders, and semiconductor processing materials. Ultrafine, high-purity powders are also required for pigments, automotive coatings, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

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