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The Basics

Send articles to the editor:
Jan Brenny • 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
651-287-5619 • fax 651-287-5650 • jbrenny@cscpub.com

We are looking for good articles for upcoming issues. If you’d like to write an article, have an article looking for a publisher, or have a good idea for an article relating to dry bulk material processing or handling, please contact us. The information below gives the basic information about what we need when we consider an article.

For detailed guidelines, including information on our editorial practices and copyright, see the Article Guidelines or contact the editor.

We publish two basic types of articles – technical and application. You write the technical article and we adapt it to the magazine’s requirements. We write the application article, based on information you provide.

We publish articles on a focus topic in each issue, although each issue also contains articles on non-focus topics. For the focus topics and deadlines for articles being submitted for specific issues, please see the Editorial Calendar.

We send all edited articles to you for an accuracy check before publication.

For example articles, see any PBE issue or the Article Archive.

Technical Articles

Technical articles range from short “Tips” pieces (around 800 to 1,500 words) to long articles (up to about 3,500 words maximum, typically).

Our magazines’ technical articles typically focus on practical information, not theory or history. Often the topics are “How-To” topics – how to do something better, how to troubleshoot a particular type of equipment or process, how to select the right type of equipment for (the reader’s) application, and so on. (For other topic ideas, see the Article Guidelines or contact the editor.) We can sometimes take a manual, brochure, or pamphlet that you give to customers or employees and adapt the information into a technical article.

Our magazines’ technical articles are non-commercial; they must be written in an objective manner, providing information or advice that applies to more than one type of application and an equipment type (or types) available from more than one company. They cannot promote any company’s particular equipment.

We recommend that you send us an abstract or a paragraph or two describing your proposed article before you actually write it. That way, we can provide guidance before you get started.

We always adapt articles to fit the magazine’s needs, space, and style, so it’s not essential that your manuscript be perfectly polished – we’ll do that in the final draft, which you’ll see before publication.

View Detailed Guidelines

Application Articles

Application articles tell a story about your company’s equipment or services and how customers use them. The most common application article is the case history, although we also publish articles about test centers, custom processors, and others.

We write the application article based on information you provide and interviews with you and, usually, a customer.

Case history. You provide a brief writeup describing a situation in which your company helped a customer solve its problem (or, in the case of a new installation, helped a customer prevent a future problem or meet particular requirements). We interview you and the customer. You provide high-resolution photos (see Photos and Figures section below) showing your equipment in the customer’s plant.

Test center. We “take our readers on a tour” of your test center, following a typical material from when the customer sends it to you, through whatever testing you do, to the final results. We don’t necessarily have to name or interview the customer, although we prefer to do so. You send us a brief writeup describing your test center and one customer’s use of it; we interview you and/or the customer. You provide high-resolution photos (see Photos and Figures section below).

Custom processor. We take our readers through the custom processing process, from your customer’s point of view. You provide a brief writeup describing the situation; we interview you and your customer. You provide high-resolution photos (see Photos and Figures section below).

Engineering solution. This type of article shows how an engineer or engineering firm helped a customer solve its dry bulk solids handling or processing problem. This might be by designing or modifying an entire plant, a production line, or one piece of equipment. The article looks at how you and the customer worked together to achieve success. You provide a brief writeup describing the situation; we interview you and your customer. You provide high-resolution photos (see Photos and Figures section below).

View Detailed Guidelines

Photos and Figures

We cannot use CAD, PDF, PowerPoint, or Word photos or figures. We can use snapshots, slides, professionally printed photos, or digital images that are at least 300 dpi (high resolution) at the size to be used, in tiff, eps, or jpeg format. Contact the editor about photo size requirements for your article.

Other Editorial Opportunities

Many other editorial opportunities abound for you to show off your products and expertise. For details, see the Article Guidelines or contact the editor. Here are a few examples:

  • Cover image
  • Product and literature writeups
  • Company news
  • Calendar items
  • Suppliers’ tips
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