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Powder and Bulk Engineering publishes two types of feature articles – technical articles and application articles (including case histories and others). For information about application articles, see Application Article Guidelines. For example articles, see any PBE issue or the Article Archive.

PBE’s technical articles are written by technical professionals for technical professionals. However, the articles are a team effort: You provide the content and expertise; we provide the editorial skills to tailor your article to PBE’s audience.

This means that you don’t have to be an Ernest Hemingway to become a PBE author. We look for technical experts who have valuable information to share. Our editors can shape and polish your manuscript into a well-written article even if you’ve never written before.

It also means that even if you are an Ernest Hemingway, you can expect your article to be edited – sometimes in minor ways, sometimes in major ways. PBE has well-established content and style criteria for the articles we publish. We also have other publishing constraints to consider, such as available space.

Why should a busy engineer or manager like you take the time and trouble to write for PBE? While we can’t promise you the fame and fortune of a best-selling novelist, your published article will bring professional attention to you and your company. Most important, your experience and know-how can help others learn.

About Powder and Bulk Engineering

Powder and Bulk Engineering is the only monthly technical publication edited exclusively for readers in the powder and bulk solids markets.

Our readers are hands-on engineers and managers who evaluate, select, and design systems for handling, processing, and storing materials in powder and bulk solid form. The majority of our readers identify themselves as process and production engineers, design and construction engineers, operations managers, research and development specialists, and plant managers. These technical decision-makers need practical information they can use in their daily operations.

PBE readers are involved in the manufacture of a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials, including industrial and agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, food products, plastics and rubber, lime and cement, explosives and ammunition, primary metals and minerals, pigments and coatings, stone, clay, glass, ceramics, pulp and paper, and textiles.

Editorial Calendar

For each issue’s focus, special features, and editorial deadlines, please see the Editorial Calendar or contact the editor.

If you would like your article considered for a particular issue, contact the editor several months before the issue is to appear. Generally, the articles for an issue are selected at least 4 to 5 months before the issue date.

Thank You!

PBE relies on professionals like you to keep our readers informed about the latest and best technology and equipment in our industry.

Thank you for considering PBE for placement of your article.

Send articles to the editor:
Jan Brenny • 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
651-287-5619 • fax 651-287-5650 • jbrenny@cscpub.com