About Powder and Bulk Engineering

Powder and Bulk Engineering is a monthly, controlled-circulation trade magazine in print since 1987. PBE provides practical, hands-on information readers can use on the job when processing and handling dry bulk solids. These include materials such as food ingredients, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pigments, minerals, metals, plastics, paper, stone, clay, and glass.

In-depth features and technical articles focus on processes and equipment used in handling, processing, and storing these materials. Articles provide troubleshooting tips, equipment selection guidelines, techniques for streamlining a process or handling difficult materials, case histories showing how one company solved its processing problem, and other practical information. Whether you’re troubleshooting, maintaining, retrofitting, or streamlining operations, PBE has valuable information.

Powder and Bulk Engineering’s readers include more than 30,000 process and production engineers, plant and operations managers, R&D and quality control personnel, design engineers, and others directly involved with handling and processing dry bulk materials. PBE is offered in either digital or printed format to North American subscribers and in digital format to international subscribers.