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This Month’s Focus: Weighing & Batching

Controlling upstream and downstream influences on loss-in-weight feeders

Loss-in-weight feeder performance is affected by a number of influences, both internal and external, on the feeder and feeder process. Understanding the significance of these influences is critical for achieving optimal performance.

Suppliers’ Tips

What steps should I take to maintain batch accuracy with a non-free-flowing material?

General Features

Drying Desk: Tips for continuous fluid-bed dryer design:
Part I

Columnist John J. Walsh discusses points to consider when designing a fluid-bed dryer to ensure that the unit is best-suited for your application.

Pneumatic batch blending: Applications and benefits

Dry bulk material batch blending with a pneumatic blender can be accomplished in the conical hopper of a storage vessel or dense-phase pneumatic conveying transporter, rather than in a mechanical blender, saving time, labor, and capital costs.

Mixing Mechanics: Dealing with powder blending problems

The powder blending process can sometimes be a poorly understood processing step in which design errors can lead to potential blending failures.

Powder Show™ Introductions

Get a sneak peek at some of the equipment and services that exhibitors will showcase at the Powder Show™ September 25-27 in Charlotte, NC.

October Content

Designing dust collection systems

Dust collection and the Internet of Things

Choosing dust collector filter media

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May: Bagging & Packaging

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October: Dust Collection

November: Storage; and the Annual Guide to the Powder & Bulk Market

December: Feeders

The Basics

Read this short version of our article guidelines – all the basic information you need to know before submitting a technical or application article to PBE.

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Technical Articles

Write a technical article and win respect for your company’s expertise. PBE’s technical articles are authored by technical professionals for technical professionals. They can be long or short, but whatever the format, they present objective information about how to improve bulk solids processing or handling. Learn more about what we look for, sample topics, how to submit an article, and how we can help you write it.

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Application Articles

Equipment and service providers, share your success story with PBE readers. Case Histories and New Installation articles, Test Center and Custom Processor articles, and Engineering Solution articles all show how your company successfully worked with a customer. Find out what we need to get such a story underway.

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Plant Tour Articles

Readers, are you proud of your plant? Help us take PBE readers on a tour showing off your faciity and its bulk solids processing and handling operations and equipment. Read this guide to find out what we need to feature your company in a Plant Tour article.

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