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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Pneumatic conveying troubleshooting: What your pressure gauge can tell you — and more, 1/14

CD of live broadcast 1/7/14

This webinar focuses on troubleshooting pneumatic conveying systems. In the past, we’ve covered the various types and modes of pneumatic conveying systems and equipment. The approach in this webinar is different in that we look at the conveying system as though we were a pressure gauge. Through those "eyes" we explain the potential reasons and corrective actions for the various conditions we see taking place in the conveying system.

This webinar looks primarily at dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems using a rotary airlock as the line charger and a positive-displacement blower as the gas supply, because that’s the most common system type installed in most plants. As appropriate, we discuss other line chargers, such as pressure tanks and screw pumps.

Conditions we discuss include the following:
  • A "spiked" pressure gauge
  • A fluctuating pressure gauge
  • A low pressure situation
  • A high pressure situation
  • Two gauges reading differently
  • A pressure gauge in the wrong position
  • A pressure gauge that needs some help

We also discuss methods of making a preliminary assessment of what may be wrong with a system and provide detailed solutions to specific hardware problems.

While not absolutely necessary, we recommend that if you’re not very familiar with dilute-phase conveying, you view our previous webinar sessions dealing with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying and troubleshooting. These can be found in our bookstore.

Presenters: Jack D. Hilbert, PE, is principal consultant with Pneumatic Conveying Consultants in Schnecksville, Pa., and has more than 30 years of experience in the application, design, engineering, installation, and operation of pneumatic conveying systems. He also has written numerous papers and given many presentations at technical conferences.

Paul E. Solt is a consultant at Pneumatic Conveying Consultants. Paul has been working in the field of pneumatic conveying for more than 50 years and has been writing the PBE column, “Pneumatic Points to Ponder...,” for more than 20 years. He presents seminars on pneumatic conveying for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Center for Professional Advancement in New Jersey, and other organizations. He also holds several patents for pneumatic conveying devices.

Moderator: Christine Bernier Lienke, Associate Editor of Powder and Bulk Engineering

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