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Friday, August 22, 2014
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Dust Collection: OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program – GAP Analysis, 8/10

CD of live broadcast 8/24/2010.

Facilities processing combustible powders and dusts should be prepared for possible inspection by OSHA under the current National Emphasis Program (NEP) for combustible dusts. To aid in this preparation, an on-site dust explosion hazard assessment should be conducted on powder and dust processes. The intent of the hazard assessment would be to perform a "gap analysis" with respect to the OSHA Directive CPL 03 00 008 to address fire and explosion hazards associated with the handling of combustible dusts.

This webinar will discuss the main components of such a gap analysis including:

• An assessment of employee exposure to combustible dust hazards (which operations could expose personnel to flash-fire or explosion hazards?
• An assessment of compliance with recognized and applicable codes and standards such as those cited by the OSHA directive
• Gaps in compliance that could form the basis of an OSHA citation under the Combustible dust NEP
Of particular importance is the guidance document CPL 03-00-008
• A review of information concerning the hazardous properties of powders and dusts that could be present in the facility.

This would include the combustibility, explosibility, ignition sensitivity, explosion severity, electrostatic properties, and thermal stability of dust and powders.Practical suggestions to eliminate/control dust explosion hazards according to applicable codes and standards through:Control of the spread of combustible dust atmosphere.Elimination or control of potential ignition sources including Application of explosion safeguards (where applicable).

Presenter: Dr. Vahid Ebadat, Chilworth Global

Moderator: Robert Harkin, Associate Editor of Powder and Bulk Engineering
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