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Monday, September 01, 2014
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Powder and Bulk Engineering is a technical publication devoted to readers in the bulk solids market, worldwide.

Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine - supplier links to powder and bulk engineering equipment manufacturers.


  • Acrison, Inc
    Vibratory feeders and bin dischargers/feeders
  • Airsweep Systems by Myrlen
    Airsweep pneumatic bin discharge system
  • Brabender Technologie Inc.
    SiloTray and vibratory feeding systems
  • Carman Industries Inc.
    Vibrating bin dischargers, vibrating drawdown hoppers
  • Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.
    Vibrating bin dischargers
  • Coperion K-Tron
    ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids activator, Aeration pads, bin unloader and fluidizer beds
  • Cyclonaire Corporation
    VibraPad Aeration Systems increase the flow of dry bulk materials for reliable and efficient product transfer from hoppers, bins, and silos. They combine variable aeration and vibration to counter bridging, rat-holing, and compacting that can occur during processing and storage. Kits include parts needed for a complete system: controls, piping, plumbing, fittings, hoses, wiring, and valves.
  • Eriez
    Bin Vibrators
  • Material Flow Solutions
    Air permeation systems, air blaster placement, vibrator placement
  • National Bulk Equipment
    National Bulk Equipment (NBE) bulk material handling systems integrate material flow aids such as de-blocking rams, massage paddles, spout lump de-blocking valves, the proprietary NBE E3 interface, and various bulk container discharge systems to aid in bulk material discharge and flow.
  • Nol-Tec Systems
  • Powder-Solutions Group
    We offer extensive experience getting difficult bulk materials to flow properly out of storage silos, hoppers and feeders. Systems expertise includes vibratory dischargers, airslides, impactors, pneumatic vibrators and fluidizers.
  • Renold Ajax
    Rotary electric vibrators, quadra-eccentric vibrators, shakers
  • Solimar Pneumatics
    Disk aerators promote flow with vibration and compressed air
  • Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
    Spiroflow Systems offers integral material flow aids such as bin activators/bin dischargers, paddle/finger agitators, scroll agitators and lump agitators.
  • Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc.
    Bridge BreakerĀ® Flow Aids, both custom designed and universal models for installation in existing bins, chutes or hoppers to reliably discharge materials which have a tendency to bridge, arch, or rat-hole.
    Pulsonics bin activators and air cannons

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