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Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Publication Date: 09/2004
Pages: 2
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Mixing Mechanics: Saving time and money with premixes

We all use premixes. You probably have a box of pancake mix in one of your kitchen cupboards. Combine 1 cup of this handy premix with a half cup of water, drop portions into a hot skillet, and presto! You have pancakes. Quick and easy, isn’t it? It saves time you would otherwise have to spend measuring and weighing several ingredients, and you end up with the same good-tasting pancakes every time.

Some creative cooks prefer to cook from scratch because they can easily customize recipes. They can adjust the flavor by adding a little more nutmeg or a little less vanilla. They can adjust the texture by adding more or less liquid or flour. Of course, this creativity adds time to the pancake batter preparation. This is fine and good for the creative cook, but is this what you’re looking for in your industrial applications? No way! You want each batch to be like the others, and you want to make your batches as quickly and efficiently as possible. A premix, also called a master batch, can help you achieve this.

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