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Friday, August 01, 2014
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Powder and Bulk Engineering is a technical publication devoted to readers in the bulk solids market, worldwide.

Flour City District Meeting

August 7-8 at the Canal Park Lodge in Duluth, Minn. Conducted by the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM). Contact IAOM, 913-338-3377 (,

248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

August 10-14 in San Francisco. Conducted by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Contact ACS, 800-227-5558 (,

Executive Milling

August 11-15 for Spanish speakers at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan. Offered by Kansas State University's department of grain science and industry, the International Grain Sciences Program, and Bühler Inc. Course topics include a milling process overview, wheat characteristics' influence on yield and mill performance, using various wheat types for different finished products, a special system for mycotoxin reduction, product safety and quality control, and others. Contact IAOM, 913-338-3377 (,

Food Safety Modernization Act Regional Seminar

August 11-12 in Des Moines, Iowa. Hosted by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). Contact Katherine Gausmann, 703-558-3573 (,

Granulation, Tabletting, and Capsule Technology

August 11-14 in Burlingame, Calif. Conducted by the Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA). Course covers the science relating to tabletted and encapsulated pharmaceutical products. Topics include raw material testing, powder and granulation technology basics, formulation of solid dosage forms, manufacturing processes and equipment, evaluating finished products, and regulatory constraints. Contact CfPA, 732-613-4500 (,

Corrosion College

August 14-16 at Robroy Industries in Gilmer, Texas. Conducted by Corrosion College. Short course covers corrosion fundamentals and provides solutions for preventing industrial corrosion. Contact Corrosion College, 903-843-3461 (,

Food Safety Modernization Act Regional Seminar

August 14-15 in Atlanta. Hosted by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). Contact Katherine Gausmann, 703-558-3573 (,

Design and Troubleshooting of the Granulated Product and Processes

August 15 in Burlingame, Calif. Conducted by the Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA). Intensive 1-day course covers advanced topics in granulation, including high-shear and fluid-bed technologies, continuous manufacturing advances, roller compaction, and other topics. Contact CfPA, 732-613-4500 (,

39th Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course

August 18-20 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Conducted by the University of Minnesota's college of continuing education. Course provides basic aerosol measurement sampling skills for individuals entering the aerosol and particle field for the first time or workers who need a refresher course. Course participants will be able to discuss their own issues with instructors. Contact Nicole Freese, 612-624-3708 (,

Elements of Metallurgy

August 18-21 at ASM International headquarters in Materials Park, Ohio. Sponsored by ASM International — the Materials Information Society. Course provides a broad introduction to metallurgy, including an understanding of ore extraction, metal forming, phase diagrams, corrosion, and heat-treating methods. Contact ASM International, 440-338-5151 (,

Introduction to Polymers and Polymer Testing

August 25-28 at IMR Test Labs in Lansing, N.Y. Sponsored by ASM International — The Materials Information Society. Course presents a general overview of polymers, including polymer formation, structure, and strengthening; polymer chemistry and nomenclature; polymer processing; polymer testing and characterization; and failure analysis. Contact ASM International, 440-338-5151 (,

Major Testing Techniques for Plastics: An Introduction

August 26-28 in New York. Conducted by ASTM International. Course covers basic principles, techniques, and equipment for the most commonly used physical and analytical tests on polymeric materials, including mechanical properties, chemical analysis, combustibility, instrumental analysis, electrical properties, and thermal aging. Contact Marianne Erwin, 610-832-9686 (,
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